Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC: Serving Southern California Medical Centers with Assessment and Staffing Assistance

Active since 1985, Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC supplies acute and long-term care medical centers and clinics with qualified therapeutic professionals and licensed aides. Employing a team of highly trained operations staff, among them Executive Vice President Beth Celo, Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC dedicates itself to assisting Southern California healthcare facilities in achieve a high level of efficiency and eliminating overhead and recruitment costs.

Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC offers a range of services, including the recruitment, training, and administration of licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists and other medical professionals. The third party provider contracts with healthcare companies to supply their facilities with staff, eliminating the need for those medical sites to manage continuing education, payroll, benefit programs, and recruitment and retention efforts for a portion of their employees. Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC’s therapists and aides easily integrate with hospitals and medical offices, quickly becoming part of existing care teams and familiarizing themselves with policies and operations.

A key benefit to using Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC, all of the company’s contractual employees possess their regulatory licenses and certifications and participate in frequent professional development and accreditation testing to ensure they remain current on modern technologies and treatment modalities. Plus, long-term contracting with Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC ensures less turnover, meaning facilities can provide better care and attention to their patients.

Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC also serves as a consultant to healthcare centers, organizing work safety and survey preparation programs aimed at increasing the safety of work environments and ensuring successful outcomes on facility audits. Consultant offerings include injury prevention education and ergonomic assessments, design and implementation of injury management strategies, complete departmental audits, policy and procedural reviews, and performance improvement suggestions.

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